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emptyonion @ 10:20 pm: Holiday Hellos!
Beign as the holidays are upon us, I'd just like to send out a list of popular Quendor holiday songs as listed in the Encyclopedia Frobozzica:

"Dornbeasts Roasting on an Open Fire"
"Winter Bozbarland"
"Dwaarnyn the Dark Nosed Ur-Grue"---Personal Fave there..
"I'm Dreaming of a Black Cavern"--Another Fave...
"Good King Flathead"

Oh, and a reminder to those of you who open other people's Christmas cards:
Postal Code, section 115:

The GUE Postal Service must preserve and protect the security of all mail from unauthoried opening, inspection, or reading of contents. any person committing any of these unauthorized acts is subjects to penalty. Willful of flagrant disrespect for privacy may be dealt with by the Guardian at an unexpected moment during your game at his discrection and may result in the forfeiture of all or some of your possessions. If you are reading this, we sincerely hope you have saved your game.

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