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teyunde @ 08:29 am: Okay, here we go.

My prototype game, Sak's Flat, is officially ready for public release. This is just version 1.0, so there'll be a few more details for me to add later on. And remember, it's primarily an academic exercise, so be gentle.

Once I put the finishing touches on it, though, I'll be able to do something a little more daring - like Shadow Kittycats Panic, or perhaps just an Implementation of Shampoo's Quest.

Known Issues / Areas for Improvement
  • It's possible to pour liquids into container objects that normally wouldn't serve that purpose. Notably, you can pour gasoline into the microwave without it spilling everywhere. (But it blows up anyway.)

  • I need a way to list the contents of a supporter / container object in a room description. If there's something on top of the dresser when you enter a room, you should be able to see it immediately without having to SEARCH for it.

  • Drinking and eating from container objects also needs to be enabled.

  • Telephone code needs expansion / improvement.

  • I'd like to add code so that the way Prominently Displayed Objects are described can be altered at will. Rather than just saying "There's a lawn mower here," if the lawn mower is running, I'd like it to say something like "The noisy mower kicks up grass and dust here."

  • I need to find a reasonably cheap game module to put into the arcade machine, and a menu-help system would also be an improvement.

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